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Pay Per Click Management Services

Every goal requires time and well-planned strategies for SEO and Digital Marketing. If you have no time to get your desired results; You should go for PPC(pay per click) campaign. eBizSols is a leading service provider for a PPC campaign. Our certified PPC managers are highly trained to minimize your advertising budget and yield high ROI(Return On Investment).

PPC Management Services: eBizSols method

#1: Assign Our Specialist to your Account

We will assign our specialist to handle your ad campaign. This person would be a qualified AdWords specialist and well versed with high ranking campaigns. We will initially analyze your business to produce a method that works for you.

#2: determine Keyword Opportunities for Your Business

Spend cash on the foremost efficient keywords. we'll do a thorough analysis to search the right opportunities for your business. we have a tendency to analyze thousands of keywords and live search traffic, competition, and prices associated to pick out the most effective keywords for your cause.

#3: Analyze Competition

We keep a watch on your competitors. we'll closely measure what your competitors do within the search engines. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their advertising efforts, we'll be able to develop a better approach for your campaign.

#4: Ad Creation

Develop effective program ads. for each ad, we have the ability to write the headline, copy (content), and target the ads with specific keywords. we'll additionally carry out A/B testing to identify high-performing ads.

#5: Monitor Your Ads and Optimize
eBizSols will monitor your ad campaigns on a daily bases. If campaigns are not getting ROI we will slightly tweak ad campaigns to achieve high ROI(Return on investment).

#6: Reports and Conversation
Our ad specialist prepares your monthly reports to review ROI and performance. We provide a monthly activity to measure the number of conversion through our PPC management services. Our PPC manager will be within your immediate reach to answers to all your queries. You can communicate at any time within our office working hours.

  • Unrivalled levels of service
  • Proven results in competitive markets
  • Real metrics - no marketing fluff!

What we can do for you -Pay Per Click Management:

eBizSols PPC management services include overall optimization. Though we bill nominal service charges, however a fair assessment of cost for overall PPC.

Increase In Return On Investment

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