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Ebiz Sols recently did a remarkable case study on a blog post to view how long did to get the primary page rankings for our primary keyword.

So we’ll mention many things here:


  • Necessary data of the keyword we ranked for
  • The publishing date of post we used in this SEO case study
  • The number of organic traffic the post got until now
  • The post is currently getting organic traffic on how many keywords
  • Current keyword ranking for the keyword (along with position changes)
  • How many days to get #2 rankings for our main keyword
  • Important details along with screenshots are shared with you

So you’re in a treat. Here we go!

Necessary data of the Main keyword we ranked

The main keyword we want to rank has a monthly search volume of 1300 searches (which is not too high and not very difficult to rank for). So here are some interesting aspects that give you a better idea about how long does it take to rank for a keyword in the first-page results on Google.

  • Monthly search volume of the keywords: 1300 searches
  • Publishing Date of the post: 17th Feb 2019
  • Organic Traffic the post get in 3 months after publishing: 5477 visitors
  • Social shares the post get: 93 (so far)
  • How long did it take to get into the first page results of Google: 52 days

Now, let’s go into further more details so you can understand this SEO case study even better to improve keyword rankings.

In Google Analytics, first-time traffic was viewed on 17th Feb 2019

Client: Mark Luvano
Project type: Digital Marketing

75 %

Increase in traffic

55 %

Increase in Leads


If you’re surprised about how much traffic the post get from Google in the last 90 days, here’s the real data from Google search console.

Google Search Console Screen showing the number of clicks this post get in the last 90 days:


How many keywords the post is currently getting traffic from

If you’re interested to find out the number of keywords the post is currently getting traffic from Google, it is ranking for 69 keywords.

Here’s a screenshot from SEMrush (US) Ranking for its targeted terms:

If you observe the above screenshot carefully (which was taken from SEMrush), you’ll notice a couple of important things about this SEO case study for 2019 to improve Google rankings.

  • The interesting thing is to note down is that we mainly focused on just ONE primary keyword (although we used several LSI relevant keywords and sprinkled them nicely within the post).
  • The average positions for each keyword: Most of the keywords are ranking on the first 3 top search results (see the above screenshot) which is the primary reason for generating more traffic from search.

The important thing to understand

If you’re ranking #1 for a keyword, you’ll possible to rank for a ton of other relevant keywords as well. The above illustration shows the same thing.

In fact, Ahrefs did an interesting case study on how many keywords can you rank for one page and revealed some of the amazing facts.

Here’s an illustration of Ahrefs case study.


Total number of backlink the post received

Whether you recognize it or not, backlinks play a KEY role in obtaining #1 rankings for any keyword regardless of what business you're in. therefore let’s use this fascinating SEO case study to search out out what percentage backlink (along with domains) that our target keyword attracted.